SAMSUNGI love the beauty of nature.

That is why I take pictures, because I want to crystallize what I see into something forever to be enjoyed.

This picture was taken when I was learning an important lesson.

You can’t rush God.

I was waiting

on God to move

and NOT patiently!

I was anxious about God moving so I could go to the next step and get on with my life!

That was not what He had in mind.

His plan was to wait,

for almost two months.

In that time of waiting I learned something called


I used to gather the kids together and take them to a pool just beyond this where they could splash and play and lay on the sandy bank in the shade of a large tree.

It was in these outings I learned stillness.

To sit in the quiet and listen for the voice of the Lord in my heart.

It was in these times that I was able to reflect. To heal.

As I look at this picture I remember that when this season of waiting was over there was a deep time of work, work, work, almost without let up. And I think…

Would I have held up under that burden if I had not had the time of stillness?

If you are like me, work can at times be almost a disease of flurried activity. And it can consume if allowed.

But work is important and if we did not many things would crumble.

But stillness before our Lord is important too.

I ask you, have you been still lately?

What helped you to find that quiet?

What did you hear when you listened?

I pray you were blessed and refreshed and ready for the next section of work that came your way.

And if you are feeling ragged, worn, tattered, it may mean you have yet to be





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