At age eight the way one handles an obstacle is quite different than at any other age,

Especially if you are a boy

playing golf

in the back yard

on a lovely afternoon.

First obstacle:

No course

Second obstacle:

No hole

Third obstacle:

No flag

Forth obstacle:

No caddy

Our son had all these to overcome this afternoon. My husband and I had no idea what would meet us when we looked out to see why he had yet to come to the dinner table.

First obstacle: no course. We have a sloping back yard that has trees on one side and buildings flanking either side, in his mind a perfect course.

Second obstacle: no hole. When your are eight you have no issues with digging a hole wherever you might choose…

Third obstacle: no flag. What else did God create sticks for?

Forth obstacle: no caddy. This was sufficed by our two dogs, a Golden Retriever and British Springer Spaniel, both ready and able to find the ball. (Getting them to leave it where it landed was a bit more of a struggle.)

We watched as our eight year old putt his ball into the hole. He looked well pleased but as he reached in he pulled out something covered entirely in black soil.

Last obstacle:

Dirty ball– no towel

No problem! He walked right over to caddy number one (Golden Retriever) and proceeded to wipe the ball back and forth across her back while she wagged her tail, happy to be of use.

I saw nothing else, I laughed until my sides hurt!

What joy there is in childhood. To make do with the smallest things and be able to transform them into the stuff dreams are made of.


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