Noel with dandylion

How time slides by when you least expect it…

I used to watch the girls when they were babies and try my hardest to hold onto every memory. To crystallize every first.

But I couldn’t and  didn’t.

But I am glad, because no one really can. Instead I run across old photos, like this one, and thank the Lord for pictures.

This is our middle daughter and she is sweet. She is kind, thoughtful, caring, trusting, and the first one in our house to notice when I am on edge and need a break.

She is a person of very few words and very great depth. She is a writer. She is an athlete. She is a Christian.

Her prayers have blessed me more times than I can count and when we all thought Mommy was soon to see Jesus face to face she was so strong. She would cry with a smile, more interested in what Jesus wanted than her own desires.

And she still is.

Want to get a big grin out of her?

Ask her about Africa.

She has never been there but it burns in her heart to go.

She wants to be a doctor so she can help people.

She knows it will be difficult, she knows it will be strange, she knows they will not understand her and she knows there are risks.

But it doesn’t matter.

She is going.

I look at her and thank God that He has spoken so completely to her heart.

I thank the Lord that He is going to make it happen, because I can not.

I pray for her daily that she will not stop following HIM no matter where it leads.

Then I wrap my arms around our precious girl



Just like dandelion dust

time floats


My days with her are numbered, but I am so thankful to have them.


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