I’m talking about the soul.

Have you ever been dry?

This week and last I have had moments where I felt just that,


and I wondered what to do about it.

The usual things did not seem to be working.

Then I told myself that it was a physical thing,

I have been ill with a bad cold,

I have been busy with sick kids,

I am simply weary in body.

Some of it was true

but last night I spent time with the Father and my Bible and realized that I was dry due to lack.

Lack of perspective.

The Lord showed me that I have had my eye on man and what he could do for me.

I was focused on the wrong things.

Yes, my kids need to learn to be responsible.

Yes, my husband desires to fill my needs.

But the truth was that I was feeling dry because I had tried to put people in the place of God to fill the need I have for Him and so doing I was dry and frustrated.

The Father showed me that my focus in my thoughts is where the problem came from. I was spending so much mental energy on people I had forgotten what I know to be true and right.

If my first focus is not on the Lord, even in the little thoughts, I will run out of fuel to serve and be short with those I love.

Like yesterday-

Lost my temper with our oldest, who took it better than I deserved and simply accepted my apology with:

“I wasn’t right in what I was doing.”

So I am starting today


With a song on my lips, and my thoughts focused, praying…

Praise the Father that He is the



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