timingThere’s a funny thing to timing.

It is so elusive,


almost intangible.

Seems I am always opening my mouth at the wrong time,

or waiting till the worst time.

Today our pastor spoke on God’s timing and I came home and spoke with Him about it as well.

“My timing is perfect.”

That is all I really needed to hear.

To reassure me.

Those times that I seemed to get it all wrong I can look to Him.

When I am in a hurry and my dress doesn’t zip, the car doesn’t work, or the bank calls to tell me “lack of funds…”

All is perfect in His timing and I can learn from each of these things.

1.       Not to make excuses:  I forgot to check the balance before writing that check.

2.       To be honest with others: I simply was running late, please forgive my rudeness at keeping you waiting.

3.       To be open about my feelings: I am feeling so embarrassed…

4.       To ask for help: Dear neighbor, I know I have not spoken to you in two weeks, but could you jump my car?

5.       To lookout for others as I rearrange my day: Kids, I know you are disappointed about this, can I give you a rain check? We could watch a movie and eat the cookies I made yesterday instead.

6.       To pray that I would grow: Lord, I am a wreck right now and I am struggling to see Your hand in this situation, but I trust You. What should I do now?

In reflection, I am thankful.

 I can rest in the knowledge that He is able and He is guiding.

I can have peace knowing His timing is



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