It is funny I have not always been able to enjoy this season as much as I would like.

As a child I remember my Mom putting together crafts with beautiful colored leaves and baking yummy treats.

I remember we went to a farm once and got a load of apples out of the quaintest of barns where the fruit was stored in baskets and boxes along the walkway and you just chose what you liked.

My father died in October many years ago.

After that I struggled to enjoy the colors of the trees each autumn.

I saw the change and replayed the loss.

This year my girls inspired me to look at life differently.

“Mom, what will we do fun this season?”

Summer is swimming and trips to the park.

Winter is playing in the snow and bonfires in the back yard.

Spring is sports and gardening.

What about fall?

I still don’t have a good answer…

We went out doors and found some beautiful leaves, acorns, twigs.

Took a couple of pictures and just admired God’s creation.

I thought of a scripture:


“There is a time for everything…” Ecc. 3:1a


So I am listening to the Lord and what He has to teach me about this time and how I might redeem it for His glory and the encouragement of our family. If nothing else I’m putting on some new glasses to look at life in a different way.


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