Beauty is often fleeting but ever present if we simply take the time to look.

In Spring the days turn warm and the flowers burst into bloom.

As the days grow too hot they fade and heat brings sun flowers, marigolds, and the rosy hue to tomatoes.

Then the nights grow cold,frost bites, killing the plants but just in time the trees turn golden,crimson, yellow.

When this shoDSC_0213w is blown away by winter

fingers of ice decorate windows, side walks, even the cold branches of trees

and there is beauty again.





Beauty is also shown in other ways.

The smile of the aged, whose graceful caring manner touches the needy.

Laughter of toddlers, who have endless joy just in living.

The glow of a new mother, whose patient care has been rewarded with a precious bundle.

The love of a bridegroom, who has worked and planned for the life he is to give his bride.

Today beauty was in a neighbor, who was kind,

My three daughters,

the kisses of our son,

the drops of rain on the parched earth…

Dear reader, how can you see beauty





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