There we were

three of us

on a ragged ship in the ocean.

The timbers were about to fall apart, sails in shreds, the sea black.

We were ragged, battered, torn, weary.

But ahead of us was land,

and we were going to make it.

I remember the grass


But most of all I remember HIM.

He stood waiting for us and helped us step out of the boat.

He spoke with us, refreshed us, encouraged us and then

it was time.

He led us back to the sea, black as before but sitting there was a new ship.

The mast was tall and the sails broad.

The planks were shining and the ship was outfitted for yet another run.

We turned and looked into His face.

“You were only brought here for a little while to teach you and to help you to rest, that you might be ready for the next assignment. There are still others out there. You must go.”

He encouraged us as we boarded and then we set sail.

Only a few moments into the sea a huge, thick, ugly curtain fell upon us from the enemy.

I drew my sword slashing in every direction, and as the curtain fell to ribbons around me I was doing little to hinder its progress.

On my left my fellow shipmate was covered and struggling to breathe.

Then the ship mate on my right spoke in a clear soft voice.

“You’ve already forgotten what He taught us.”

Then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and wind blew from the land.

A strong breeze that caused the curtain to melt into nothing and fall away around him.

I put down my arm, closed my eyes and breathed.

As the curtain began to melt away

my breath caught.

I sat bolt upright in bed.

Sweat dripping off me

breathing hard.

It was just a dream.

But I have never forgotten what I learned from it.

My arm is too short to save me, my effort is too little to over come, but there is One who has the power to save.

Many times when I am fighting desperately I remember one word:


So I close my eyes



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