babyWhat is in a baby’s laugh?

Coming when you least expect it–

How is it that one little child, unable to do anything for themselves, can bring instant feelings of love and joy?


There is something so precious and soft about babies. There is something fresh and full of hope and wonder and delight.

What will they be?

Who will they touch?

How will they change the World?

And yet we hold all of these things when we hold an infant in our arms. The thoughts and feelings and blessings of being near the littlest of humans is something that cannot really be put into words.

One day while admiring a toothless grin, smooth jolly cheeks, and almost bare round head a neighbor asked me something I have yet to forget.

“Why is it that we think it so cute when babies have no teeth and no hair and are very chubby but when people grow old and have all the same things we stop thinking it cute?”

I chewed on that for a long time and then took it to the Lord.

There is no joy in the elder because we feel there is no hope, no future, no beauty.

How sad.

From that time on I have striven to find joy in every stage of life.

So let us not forget. Every stage of life is precious to our Lord. He created and gave each stage a gift. For the youngest it is joy in just the everyday newness and for the aged it is the wisdom gained from years of life.

To those who hope and plan for that precious little one, I have a prayer:

“Lord, please teach each of us how to be the best parent for our child, or children. Father, guide us through Your Word that we might find the handbook of right and wrong, of do and don’t. That we might be able to look to Your Word to enlighten the secret things each child needs and the wonderful blessings each child holds. Thank You for Your wonderful creation of new life and the joy that comes with it. Thank You that You made each child with a plan and a purpose and help us to help them learn about You. Lastly we are only human and sinful and make mistakes, please teach us how to repent and how to change. Guide us as we learn along with the child/children You have given. Praise Your name! Amen.”


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