freeOne little word can mean so many different things.

Our daughter’s kitten.

A day I do not have scheduled to the hilt.

Sea gulls flying across the blue sky calling to each other.

But the meaning I love to linger on is the one my Jesus said to me:

“I paid your debt of death for sin, you are FREE.”

He said this in the words: “It is finished.”

I can’t earn my freedom from sin.

But Jesus paid the price and because He did I can be free from all that sin is and brings.

Not to say that I do not still struggle with sin.

I still fight depression.

I still have to ask forgiveness,


But because of Jesus I can turn o Him at each of these things and know that the price was paid,

My bill is marked,

My debt is gone,

The jail cell is open,


And with that freedom I can follow my Lord and obey His voice because in the freedom comes freedom from fear of what may come, freedom from the noise of persecution, freedom to love no matter how it hurts, freedom to die to my selfishness ever day.

FREE to be the person God called me to and created me for. I hope you too are free, not the fake and flabby “I’ll do what I want because…” (which is bondage to self) but the true and unmistakable freedom of being one of the children of God whose price has been paid.

Are you free?


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