I looked up and could hardly believe…

What beauty!

It was ornate.

Carved and carefully put together with so many details I couldn’t imagine the hours and hours of planning it took to create such a thing just on paper let alone with stone.

The inside was even more impressive.

It was a labyrinth of passage ways that were far more than simple halls from one room to the next. Each turn gave the eye something new to ponder.

Then the passages opened out into the room that was built for one purpose,

to worship

Tears stung as I looked on the incredible beauty all around me.

One entire wall was given up to mosaics each depicting a person from the Bible with their name beneath and scripture above.

I was amazed at how the artists’ rendition of each person was not in contrast to how I had pictured many of these same heroes of faith.

And it went on.

The carved wood,

the painted ceiling, so far above my head I got dizzy looking up,

the stain glass windows,

the arches,

all pointing to one person,

The GOD of the BIBLE.

As I continued to choke down the tears I knew that I was in the minority.

Many were walking by me that saw the beauty but missed the purpose.

I also knew others could walk into the same building and feel nothing but contempt. Feeling that it was a waste for people to put up large buildings instead of minister individually to the people of the day.

And they may be right.

I can not look back into the hearts of the men who planned this.

Nor can I read the thoughts of the ones who labored over it day by day.

But I can say that to stand in such a beautiful place, so carefully created, down to the smallest details pointed me to my Lord,

who created this beautiful world




          smallest detail

truly a wonder of craftsmanship


And He is still creating.


Each time I look into the face of a newborn baby or the wrinkled one of the aged I can not help but see



He is still creating

beautiful master pieces

each day.


Every freckle


Every shade of color


Every eyelash


Down to the smallest detail




The next time you look into a face (even if it is your own) realize the Creator made you and you are His



       to the




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