Do you know that feeling?

The feeling that comes over you when you remember a time you were embarrassed and the emotions well up just as real as the first time.

Or the surge of pain that strikes you as you once again rethink the time when that “person” hurt you,

Hurt you so that your eyes sting when you think of it and your heart threatens to spill over and your mind races to find something else to think about.

You know that time.

I’ve been having those lately. Times when nobody knows but my eyes are about to be filled with tears. Times when I stay silent because my voice would betray me. Times when it seems wiser and easier and just better to stay at home.

But this is when I go to my favorite spot in my bedroom. It is where I meet God.

It is where healing begins and life comes into focus

and things are put right again,

at least inside me.

I  am not sure I can explain to you why healing and renewal and perspective comes this way for me. But I can explain to you Who gives it.

He is the greatest.

He has so many names that help us understand just a tiny sliver of who He is.

Comforter is the name that occurs most when healing is needed. Pain runs deep. Hurt is often hidden in agendas and meetings and “I don’t have time to sort out my emotions right now but later…”

which never comes because I have a million other things I would rather do than look in my box labeled HURT.

However we have a God who does not want us to be held back by those emotions. Emotions that are there to tell me something is wrong.  Like the sensation of hunger means I need food and the sensation of burning means I need to move my hand, God often uses my emotions to tell me I have neglected to allow healing to touch and renew me. That I have forgiveness to meet out.  When I make these times with Him a priority I am able to handle the daily grind much better,

And with true joy not a plastic smile.

So dear one, do you have a box labeled HURT or PAIN or UNFORGIVENESS?

Have you some emotions that need tending to?

Are your eyes stinging or your heart bursting?

If not and this means nothing to you I pray that equally means you are well and happy and growing in your knowledge of the Lord.

If you are like I have been I would challenge you,

take time,

seek the face of the Lord.

Spend time with the One named Healer.

Jeremiah 17:14 Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You (are) my praise.


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