There was a time not long ago that taught me some things I will never forget. I am sure I will write many times about this period in my life for its affect was deep.

Illness struck me and I was unable

 to fight,

 to continue,

unable finally to even care for myself.

I was helpless,


and  to my surprise

able to praise.

In the night when pain kept sleep at bay I would read my Bible and thank God that He was with me,

Walking me through the pain.

When my children would cry from fear of losing their Mommy

I would hug them and praise God that I had them and they were all old enough that


They would remember me, they would remember the God I serve and love.

When we were running so low on food, little income and me laying on the couch unable to even drive to the store,I was able to praise God

for the many, many people who bought our groceries, fixed hot meals, cleaned our house.

When at last it was time and my surgery was at hand I was able to praise God for the doctor, the nurses, the hospital, the technicians, even the sweet ladies who cleaned my room, my dear sister who stayed overnight with me and lastly my beloved husband who was there to hold my hand, rub my neck, or help me relearn how to walk.

And today I praise the Lord, God Most High, because He gave me life, a home, beautiful countryside out my back door, children, friends, family…the list goes on and on.

What are you praising the Lord for today? I hope you can see something even right now to praise Him for.

Because He is worthy of all our



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