I closed my eyes, said a prayer and began.

It is often that way,

when starting my day,

When speaking to a crowd,

When cleaning out the back of the refrigerator!

It all has to do with trust.

Who I am is really of no importance but who I trust in and why I do IS.

It is the Lord, God Most High and to His name do I subscribe all trust and praise for a day well met,

A task finished,

A group encouraged, but for much, much more.

That is why I write.

It is when breath meets thought and is birthed in word.

It is when inspiration is simply referring to a day that shattered and was put back together to make stained glass art that could never have been unless first broken.

Realizing that through this I learned to trust even more.

It is that reason that I am beginning,

The reason I write today,

To remember that trust is more than blindly wishing it would all turn out “right”.

To remember that true trust in Christ means knowing.

Depths of my heart, down to my toes, knowing He is able and shall never fail.

No matter what I can see, broken glass or beautiful art, He is the Grand Artisan and He is worthy of all my


So today I begin.

With eyes closed and a prayer on my heart.



One thought on “Beginning

  1. Bobi

    I love your writing, Hope. It’s honest and real. It is “bottom-line” wisdom given with encouragement to step farther, go higher, dig deeper. Thanks, Friend.


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